Turkish Journal of Archaeology and Ethnography


1. How can I submit an article to your journal? 

Our journal accepts articles through Dergipark.

2. I want to be a committee member  in your journal?

If your field is related to the disciplines of science accepted in our journal, you can send your request via dergipark

3. What is the status of your journal? 

The Turkish Journal of Archaeology and Ethnography is a scientific and peer-reviewed journal

4. How can I get a printed copy of your journal? 

Our journal is printed in limited numbers and the printed copies are only sent to the archives of museums, libraries and committees affiliated to Turkish Ministry of Culture and tourism, to the libraries and archives of the relevant departments of the university and to researchers and academicians whose articles are published in the journal and who take part in the referee board.

Digital issues of the journal is free and can be access under the e-journal section of our website.