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The Turkish Journal of Archaeology and Etnography (TAED) was first published as the "Jornal of the Turkish History Arkeology and Ethnography" and
dates back to 1933 in the Republican period, which had a deep-rooted history. The articles of Reşit Galip, Hamit Zübeyr KOŞAY, Remzi Oğuz ARIK, İsmail Hakkı UZUNÇARŞILI, Aziz OGAN and Kurt BİTTEL and other important scientists and experts appeared in the first and foremost issue of the journal; some other importent names were in the following issues with their works. The fact that the Turkish Journal of Archaeology and Ethnography (TAED) was published before the 1937 Belleten journal sheds light on the history of Turks and Türkiye and gives information about the pioneering role of our journal in the scientific world in the fields of History, Archaeology and Etnography. As mentioned above, the journal was first published as the "Journal of the Turkish History Arkeology and Etnography" from 1933 to 1949 under the name "Turkish Archaeology Journal" published as "Turkish Etnograpy Journal" from 1956 to 1997. It was published under the name "Turkish Journal of Archaeology and Etnography" between  20000-2011, and after a break from 2011 to 2021, it continuing with the same name in 2021.
After the 81 st issue was published in 2011, it has been decided that the magazine would continue its publication with the 82nd issue in 2021.

TAED, having a peer-reviwed journal status published in print and electronic, is a scientific, open-access, interdisciplianary published twice a year by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of Culture and Tourism after the year of 2021. Decisions regarding the publication plicy, scope and content of the journal are taken by the Editorial Board and determined by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of Cullture and Tourism. All magazine issues published since 1993 can be accessed by "E-Jornal" tab. To ensure international acces wthin the framework of academic publishing, it is possible to acces the English versions of all articles published in TAED since 2021 through the journal's website.

TAED, especially the studies within the borders of Türkiye, is an interdisciplinary publication that includes scintific articles on disciplines related to such sub-disciplines as Archaeology, Art History, Etnography, Ancient History Geography, Orehistory, Asia Minor and Classical Archaeology, Museology, Ancient History, Epigraphy, Numismatics, History and Etnography, Hittitology. As long as certain ethical principles and rules are followed, our journal allows to include qulified and original research, commnts and evaluations in the areas related to these mentioned disciplines. Cultural heritage mangement in connection with the specified branches of science, the new interpretations and approaches in the culturel heritage mangement and the first time detection, analyses studies and scientific criticism are also within the scope of our journal. Studies in the journal must be original and have not been published before or sent to another journal. Those studies are tools for periodically sharing studies in varios disciplines wth academicians and related parties.